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Customer Testimonials

"Mike was very helpful without being pushy. Hard to improve from perfection!"  Judith Roberge  Concord, NH

"I had good luck with the first truck I bought here, so I bought my 'new' one from Phillips!"  Fern Clough  Webster, NH

"The process of buying our car was well explained and professionally done."  Ronald Sinclair  Epsom, NH

"We have bought many cars here and get great cars for great prices!"  Paul and Katie Kemp  Hillsboro, NH

"I have been buying cars here for 20+ years and they are always friendly, courteous, honest, and there isn't any hype.  Mike assured me that the car I recently purchased would be reliable for my trip to Virginia...and it was!"  Deborah Bell  Loudon, NH

"The fact that they allowed me to take the vehicle to my mechanic (over an hour away!) for a pre-purchase inspection was impressive!"                            Tom Beal  Hudson, NH

"My family has bought vehicles from Phillips Auto Sales.  They are genuine, kind, and call us on our birthdays!"  Danielle Juza  Christiansburg, VA

"We went to every dealership from Vermont to Maine when I was looking for a truck.  I got a great deal on the truck I bought from Phillips and it still runs great today...17 years later!!!"  Gary Wing  Rutland, VT

"My dad bought a car from Phillips Auto Sales in the 70's, my wife bought a car from them 7 years ago, and I just purchased my truck from them. They take good care of their customers and treat them very well."  Albert Miner  Loudon, NH   

"I am a repeat customer and there's a good selection of cars to choose from and they are always friendly and helpful."  Anne Funk  Dorchester, MA

"Larry was super-nice and treated my 16 year-old son like an adult.  A friend referred me here knowing I would get a fair deal and a car I could trust."  Dan Conery  Concord, NH

"My questions were answered, there was no pressure, and the deal was quick and painless."  Denise Lefebvre  Deerfield, NH

"Courteous, up-front, and no nonsense.  We appreciated how thorough they were to make sure our son's car would be safe and reliable."                  Charles Bodien  Salisbury, NH

"The buying process went smoothly and Mike was extremely nice and efficient."  Cynthia Byrne  Hampton Falls, NH

"They listened to me, answered questions, and didn't try to sell me a vehicle I didn't want...unlike other dealers!"  Samantha Locke  Barnstead, NH

"We have prior experiences of buying and selling vehicles here.  My wife and I have always been treated like longtime family friends."                            Jeff Hubbard  Merrimack,NH

"Mike was both welcoming and helpful.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience!"  Bethan Diego  East Thetford, VT

"My wife and I were treated with respect and had a sense that Mike truly cared.  The follow up call after the deal confirmed my thoughts that this dealer does indeed care about their customer!"  DK and JK  Concord, NH

"...friendly, polite, and always have quality cars.  We purchased cars from the Phillips family in the past and our son has bought two from them as well!"  Eleanor Ouellette  Penacook, NH

"Courteous, no pressure, accommodating, honest, and transparent."  Steven Harbert  Stoddard, NH

"...in business for a long time and they have a good reputation.  I like my car very much!"  Jim Moffitt  Alton, NH

"A distinguished local dealer with quality cars and exceptional, friendly service.  We had a great experience.  Kate Soule  West Lebanon, NH

"...attention to detail, the cars are an excellent value, and I always feel like it's a long term relationship."  Scott Reid  Warner, NH

 "They made my car buying experience painless and fast.  Too many referrals to list!"  Martha Stock  Chichester, NH

"Purchased my 3rd vehicle from the Phillips family and I feel more like a friend than a customer."  Ralph Tripodi  Somersworth, NH 

"Everyone was courteous, straight-forward, and patient with me.  The whole experience was terrific!"  Beth Rimanoczy  Deerfield, NH

"...and I was referred by my mechanic.  Mike was professional and really cared about me as a customer."  Kara Jarvis  Chichester, NH

"There was no pressure to make me buy a vehicle, rather just plain honesty."  Jon Daigle  Concord, NH

"Larry was great to work with... very pleasant, friendly, and no hassles."  Susan King  Allenstown, NH

"This dealership is local, well known, and has been in business for many years.  They are a pleasure to deal with."  Sharon Hansen  Chichester, NH

"It was a pleasure doing business at Phillips. No hassles and no BS!"  Fremont Bickford  Brentwood, NH

"The car was clean, full of fuel, and a few minor things were repaired without hesitation. Very pleased!" Cathleen Shaw  Concord, NH

"I have bought 2 cars here and my family has bought 2 as well.  We have always been treated fairly and honestly."  Sean Hayes  Newbury, NH

"...friendly service and great follow-up after the sale with a replacement key and owners book."  Paula Desgroseilliers  Deerfield, NH

"My family has purchased several vehicles here and we trust them.  They made my car-buying experience easy and enjoyable!"                                 Megan Wimsatt  Northwood, NH

"...and referred by P&N Automotive.  We will never go anywhere else after our experience with Phillips Auto Sales!"  David Hagner  Concord, NH

"I met the Phillips in 2013 and was very pleased with my Camry.  I am confident I'll love my Caravan equally!"  Jo Ann Rose  Manchester, NH

"...and I was treated with respect from the moment I walked through the door. Great service."  Vicki Rhodes  Penacook, NH

"I have always heard good things about Phillips Auto Sales, and indeed it turned out to be true!"  Kristy Schmitt  Barnstead, NH

"...sincere, honest, and reliable."  Kate Hood  Bow, NH

"A wonderful, easy, stress-free experience.  We appreciate your friendliness, flexibility, and trusting nature."  Ruth Bidwell  Penacook, NH

"Carolyn, Mike, and Larry have always shown me respect. I've had numerous transactions with them!"  John Clemons  Concord, NH 

"Our mechanic referred us to Phillips Auto Sales and we have purchased 3 vehicles here.  We have found them to be honest, fair, and willing to perform repairs as recommended by our mechanic."  Diane Ames  Strafford, NH

"...and I was recommended by Northwood Garage. Pricing is fair and both Mike and Larry are committed to customer satisfaction."                               Paul Dykstra  Sanbornton, NH

"We had an issue a few days after we purchased our truck and it was fixed at no charge.  Great service!"  Brittany and Jonathan Moultroup  Concord, NH

"Great people, great service, and great prices.  We will definitely return for future purchases."  Jayann Lamontagne  Milford, NH

"I have purchased vehicles from here before and have always been satisfied with the entire process.  Mike and his wife go above and beyond to make the transaction go smoothly.  They are fantastic!"  Trina Blackwood  Pittsfield, NH 

"...good reviews online and quality of cars.  They were easy-going, laid back, and let us look around without being hounded."                                           Tia Crouch  Somersworth, NH

"I could not ask for a better car buying experience!"  Jane Watt  Concord, NH

"Mike and Larry were amazing from the moment we stepped on the lot until we took ownership of our vehicle."  Cindy Saball  New Ipswich, NH

"Very professional. They didn't pressure me or try to sell me something else. There were a few minor concerns after the purchase that they resolved quickly at no expense to me."  Philip Abair  Andover, NH 

"The whole process was easy and straight forward...up-front without surprises.  I got a great deal on the car I bought and they also gave me a great offer for my trade."  Allison Lane  Rochester, NH

"...and were extremely accomodating- especially since we live in New York City."  William Peloquin  Brooklyn, NY

"Everything was great from start to finish.  Thanks for everything." (No, we're not related!)  Susan Phillips  Concord, NH 

"...treated professionally, kindly, and respectfully.  We were able to look over and test drive cars in a relaxed manner.  Very pleased!"  Linda Hume  Gilmanton Iron Works, NH

"From start to finish the Phillips family was extremely nice and helpful.  Their warmth and genuineness sets them apart from others.  Simply a pleasure to work with."  Megan Pita  Chichester, NH

"...and Mike made sure I was happy.  I felt like I was not only treated as an important customer but also as a friend."  Timothy Tripp  Middleton, NH

"I was very happy with Phillips Auto Sales and would definitely recommend them. I also posted a positive review online!" Susan Bryant  Concord, NH

"It was a quick and hassle-free experience.  I loved it!"  Michael Sawicki  Manchester, NH

"Both Larry and Mike were extremely nice, helpful, and made it an enjoyable purchase for me."  Chantal Roy  New Boston, NH

"I brought the car back with a small issue and it was fixed at no charge.  Very pleased with the service."  Ken Leroux  Loudon, NH

"Mike was easy to deal with and ensured the car was road worthy for our journey to Florida.  We would highly recommend this company to anybody!"  Laurie Couture  Salem, NH

"We were allowed to take our time and drive multiple cars. We never felt hurried or pressured."  Maureen Simpson  Concord, NH  

"We were treated wonderfully.  Thank you so much!"  Robert Oberg  Center Barnstead, NH

"Very knowledgeable, professional, and we felt very comfortable with our purchase."  Michelle Peters  Concord, NH

"Everyone was so helpful...no pressure tactics at all.  I am so happy with my purchase!"  Derek Gray  Jaffrey, NH

"We have found Phillips Auto Sales to be a business with integrity that really goes above and beyond your typical car dealership.  They make sure everything is as it should be without compromising.  Our third purchase!"  Darci St. Onge  Epsom, NH

"Everyone at Phillips was wonderful...very helpful and caring."  Ellen Yard  Lisbon, NH  

"Excellent selection, fair prices, and service that is second to none!"  Susan Perkins  Epsom, NH

"...straight-forward, friendly service, quality cars, and a low pressure sales approach.  Thank you Mike and Larry!"  Chris Carr, Madison, NH

"I have known Mike and Larry for 33+ years.  They have a great reputation of being fair and honest.  Terry Neff  Alton Bay, NH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "We loved the low-pressure atmosphere, and the quality of the car sold itself anyway.  Great customer service too.  Thank you!"                                                                           The Norman family  Strafford, NH

"...expressions of integrity, willingness to let our own mechanic perform a pre-purchase inspection, and making repairs to the vehicle as recommended by our mechanic.  Thanks to Mike for completing the extra paperwork needed to satisfy Massachusetts and thanks to Larry for the thoughtfulness you have shown my mom over the years!"  Jonathan Paul and Andrea Harkness  Haverhill, MA

"Buying a vehicle here was a pleasure!"  Joe Mountain  Rochester, NH

"Mike was helpful, informative, and respectful.  He was very responsive and offered information without being too pushy or 'salesman-like'. That's a good thing!"                             Stan Freeda   Farmington, NH

"...referred by Scott's Integrity Automotive.  It was the best car-buying experience my husband and I ever had.  An honest used car salesman is rare...we're thankful to now know one!"  Danielle Bowers  Andover, NH

"We have purchased several vehicles here before. Everything is as smooth as possible!"  Joan Bilodeau  Deerfield, NH

" An excellent first car-buying experience, all around."  Hannah Kelley  Center Barnstead, NH 

"We have previously purchased vehicles from Phillips.  Extremely helpful getting me exactly what I wanted at a very fair price.  10 out of 10!"               Rachel Lajoie  Concord, NH

"We were impressed with Phillips from the start...nobody pressured us, we received a very fair price, and we did not need to haggle.  A very pleasant experience!"   Megan Smith   Northwood NH

"M ike and Larry are two of the nicest human beings in the auto industry.  They made the car buying process a piece of cake!"                                              Lyena H. Carroll  Concord, NH

"No pressure, very friendly, A+++"   Tom Siracusa  Hudson, NH

"My family has been long-standing, loyal customers.  Carolyn, Larry, and Mike were so helpful and thoughtful.  If someone wants to speak with me for a reference, I'd be happy to do so. An A+ business!"  Kathleen Stein  Concord, NH

"Mike and Larry always make you feel comfortable from the first contact and go the extra mile to make sure you're happy and satisfied through the time of vehicle delivery.  Robert Moulton  Deerfield, NH

"Larry and Mike are most gracious...no pressure, honest, and fair."  Janine Maher  Concord, NH

"I received a phone call after the purchase to see if there were any issues with my vehicle.  Very professional."   Ken Cox   Concord, NH

"Phillips Auto Sales is the most reputable auto dealership I have ever dealt with.  Period.  As a point of reference, I am 63 and have purchased a few cars in my lifetime.  Larry and Mike are honest people who speak the truth in a low pressure way and deliver quality, reliable cars every single time.  I have purchased 5 cars from them and will never go anywhere else under any circumstances."  Joe Testa  Henniker, NH

"I would definitely recommend Phillips to others."  Ana Carbonneau  Epsom, NH

"...and were not pushy like other dealers.  Mike listened to me, gave me time, and made me want to return."  Pat Flynn  Concord, NH

"Both Larry and Mike were so wonderful to us.  No pressure from the start and made the whole process fluid and easy."  Josh Megyesy  Strafford, NH

"Everybody loves a great deal. I already have and will continue to recommend Phillips!"  Truna Halverson  Sanford, ME

"Mr. Phillips was very informative about the vehicle and helpful in completing the sale."  Alice MacKenzie  Concord, NH

"Contacting us shortly after the sale was very thoughtful and appreciated.  A sincere thanks for your service!"  Constance Chartier  Bedford, NH

"Best used car dealer (or new too!) that we have ever dealt with...by far!"  Ken Murray  Stratham, NH

..."I can't even begin to explain how great we were treated.  BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!"  Nicole McLarky  Pittsfield, NH

"Both of my daughters have bought from Phillips.  I am very blessed to have a car that I really love and will come back when I need another one." 

Laurel Tiede  Barnstead, NH

"...good service, low pressure, and a clean vehicle that was affirmed by my mechanic."  Dawn Marquis  Pittsfield, NH

"The most honest and helpful dealer in the area, and the only one that offered me a fair trade for my car." Fanqi Meng  Concord, NH

"... polite, honest, upfront, and professional.  Best vehicle-buying experience we ever had at any dealership- new or used."                                        

      John Wimsatt  Northwood, NH

"The Phillips family seems to go the extra mile to make sure its customers are happy." Heather Terragni  Concord, NH

"The deal for the truck I bought was good, and no b.s.!" John McBey  Franklin, NH

"I was nervous initially but was quickly put to ease after speaking with Mike.  Even my two teenage grandsons love my car!"                                       Carolee Davison  Chichester, NH

"... referred by Northwood Garage, a positive previous experience, no-pressure sales, and even a call on our birthday!" Geoff Ames  Strafford, NH

"I was blown away when I picked up my car and the gas tank was full and the oil had been changed.  I wasn't treated like this when I bought my brand new vehicle!" Doretta Lawrence  Belmont, NH

"They waited for me to ask questions rather than assaulting me with theirs.  The car had an issue after I bought it, I took it back and it was taken care of- no questions asked." Muriel Lajoie  Concord, NH

"My husband and I were treated very well- He bought a truck and I bought a car.  Keep up the good, honest work!" Judith Dewitt  Barrington, NH

"At least 3 people I have spoken with since I purchased my Jeep have told me that Phillips is a reputable, trustworthy dealership."                            

    Debra Fox  Chichester, NH

"The perfect car-buying experience." Kelsey Wrye  Pittsfield, NH

"... the 2nd car I have purchased from Phillips Auto Sales.  It's a convenient location with quality vehicles and fair prices." Amy Smith  Barnstead, NH

"I felt great when I drove in... Clean lot and clean vehicles.  If they had the truck I liked, I was going to buy it- and I did!" Ralph Capobianco  Chichester, NH 

"They are kind, genuine, and even call my family on our birthdays!"   Danielle Juza  Barnstead, NH

"The best service- Always!"   Paul Berwick  Epsom, NH

"Very personable to myself and my husband.  We were treated like a friend/neighbor."  Marguerite Drouin  Pittsfield, NH

"I have known Larry for many years.  I have purchased at least 6 vehicles from him and have always been treated fairly." Kevin Carlisle  Webster, NH

"Phillips Auto Sales fulfills traditional values to satisfy clients which is so rare these days.  Thank you so much!" Barbara Mitera  Concord, NH

"Wonderful customer service!"   Ariel Cohen  Penacook, NH 

"It was a smooth and low-stress process."   Maxfield Graykin  Deerfield, NH

"... friendly, courteous, informative, and considerate of my needs."   Ann Nute  Concord, NH

"I always shop at Phillips Auto Sales ...No other place like it... The best!"   Steve Merrill Durham, NH

"Very straightforward, helpful, and truly accommodating."   James MacDonald Hopkinton, NH

"It was a wonderful experience and I would buy from Phillips again. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend also bought his Suburban from them a month after my purchase!"   Amber Wu Pembroke, NH

"Mike had so much patience as I test drove multiple vehicles before making my decision."   Marisa Romanowski Milford, NH

"The entire Phillips family was courteous, accommodating, and professional.  A great overall experience.  Thank you!"                                           Vasiliki Canotas and Mark McCue  Manchester, NH

"You can tell that Larry and Mike take pride in their family business."   Gary Sobolewski  New Hampton, NH

"... helpfulness, honesty, and integrity in their business."   Judith Blanchard  Strafford, NH

"I'm a repeat customer and it's incredibly useful to know that I can trust Phillips"   M.M. Newbury, NH 

" I love that Phillips Auto Sales is a family business... It shows in the way they treat people!"   Peter Annicchiarico  Concord, NH

"I was dealt with in a family oriented, professional manner.  Also, there were not any hidden costs when I picked up my vehicle."                             Bruce Moeckel  Windham, NH

"... helpful, thoughtful, and kind from the get-go!"   Mary Beth Fairhurst  Concord, NH

"Larry and Mike were friendly, honest, and up front.  They were also very patient with our countless questions.  Most positive car-buying experience we have ever had!"   Marie and Dan Bucciano  Allenstown, NH

"It's easy to see the reason Phillips Auto Sales has been around so long after visiting other dealerships... Repeat customers."                                 Thomas Doheny  Pembroke, NH  

"I have dealt with the Phillips family before and know they are good people that stand by their ethics."   Ken McKenna  Bow, NH

"Larry and Mike went over and beyond for me with the purchase of my car!"   Julie Daley  Concord, NH

"... friendly, courteous, and professional."   Brandon Wrightington  Chichester, NH

"They made my first dealership purchase a good experience.  Thanks for the courteous service!"   Chris Cole  Canaan, NH

"... and they stayed open late for us- explaining our options and making the loan process go through smoothly.  A great family business focused on quality and customer satisfaction!"   James Holmes  Dover, NH

"A feeling of honesty through the entire transaction."   David Stinson  Concord, NH

"We have purchased 4 vehicles from Phillips Auto Sales and they stand behind their vehicles... always going out of their way to make things right."   Mary Beth Seekamp  Northwood, NH

"Great job following up with the details of a repair that was needed after the sale."   Louise Palmer  Concord, NH

"We were treated very well and had a great overall experience."   Kerry and Travis Horne  Pembroke, NH

"Absolutely great service and customer rapport!"   Jeremy Tardiff  Rochester, NH

"... friendly and trustworthy.  I was treated well and the vehicle was as advertised."   Scott Reid    Warner, NH

 "Phillips is known in the community for their upstanding reputation and I was also recommended by my mechanic.  They are awesome, phenomenal, helpful, and honest!"   Nicki Gagnon    Deerfield, NH

 "We were very grateful to be offered a ride to pick up our new truck.  Very friendly folks and Red Sox fans too!                                                       William and Tammy Dampier    Concord, NH

 "... helpful with the loan process and best selection of vehicles for the price."   Jon Stuart and Dorothy Kelly    Hillsboro, NH

 "They gave us good advice about different vehicles we looked at.  They listened to us, were helpful, and didn't pressure us at all.  Thank you!"             Al and Jackie Miner    Penacook, NH

"... very professional, honest, and friendly service.  By far, the best car purchase experience we have ever had!"   Darci St. Onge    Epsom, NH

"We had a minor mechanical issue after we purchased the car and it was taken care of, no questions asked!  We were very pleased with the entire experience."   Gene Rosenthall    North Sutton, NH

"I have never had such an enjoyable experience buying a car.  Larry and Mike were amazing!"   Carol Bartlett  Epsom, NH

"My son and I felt very comfortable at Phillips Auto Sales.  We have also received excellent service after purchasing our vehicle."                               Holly Kimball  Hopkinton, NH

"Every detail was cared for with efficiency and a smile... a delight all around.  It was a pleasure to meet someone who proved that integrity supersedes monetary gain."   Jo Ann Rose  Manchester, NH

"... and they go out of their way to stand behind their vehicles.  The Phillips' integrity and honesty shines like their vehicles!"                                   Steve and Jean Meuse  Center Barnstead, NH

"The relaxed atmosphere and absolute honesty was a first in my car-buying experiences.  Other dealerships should look to you as a benchmark for how they should treat the customer!"   Jason Day  Loudon, NH

"We came back to Phillips Auto Sales again because of the acknowledgement of fairness to both the customer and business.  We leave there with the understanding that we bought a reliable vehicle at a fair price."   Keith Cota  Epsom, NH

"Great people to deal with... I was very pleased."   Kurt Dearborn  Hill, NH

"I love my truck!"   Jeff Smith  Boscawen, NH

"... a very pleasant experience."   Frederick Blair  Antrim, NH

"... extremely friendly and professional.  Thanks for the birthday call!"   James Clasby  Loudon, NH

"We were more than pleased and the friendly environment made us feel comfortable."   Barbara Fegley  Center Barnstead, NH

"... personable and not overbearing.  The experience was very relaxed and easy."   Kory McCauley  Concord, NH

"I loved the phone call after we purchased our vehicle to see how things were going."   Jamie Parker  Epsom, NH

"... and I was very pleased with both the website and the friendly, family environment."   Heather Duffin  Danbury, NH

"The website is very professional and personal too with the family photo.  I wish I had some constructive criticism, but the truth is that I can't think of a thing you should change!"   Judith Brackett  Northwood, NH

"... the honesty and trustworthiness of the Phillips family, and you always make sure that the customer is satisfied."                                                  Doug Clasby  Loudon, NH

"I had an absolutely wonderful experience... treated with respect, and this dealership was looking out for my best interests!"   Peter Best  Bow, NH

"We had a very positive experience and everything that was promised was done."   Dick and June Kuhn  Laconia, NH

"I never felt pressured or uncomfortable and any questions I had were addressed honestly. It was truly a great car-buying experience!"                       Erin Tefft  Boscawen, NH

"I had been told by other dealers I would not find anything in my price range, but I did at Phillips!  Thanks also for the birthday wish!                       Fern Clough  Webster, NH

"... great cars and trucks at an affordable price.  We will keep coming back!"   Wanda and Jeff Evans  Penacook, NH

"We bought our first car here in the 1980's and have never purchased one from anyone else!"   Margaret and Ken Shibles  Canterbury, NH

"This was the most pleasant purchase of a car... and I am 50!"   Stephen Gut  Chichester, NH

"They are always true to their word and there is no better dealership!"   Madlyn Smith  Center Barnstead, NH

"I highly recommend Phillips Auto Sales for their honesty and quality cars and I have purchased cars here before!"   Barbara Clark  Penacook, NH

"I had already heard what an honest dealership this is and felt very confident."   Kelli Grigsby  Concord, NH

"We have purchased a number of vehicles from you over the years and have always been pleased.  Everything you do shows you truly care about your customers and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are happy... a rare quality nowadays!"   Kristen and Jim Cunningham  Hill, NH

"We have purchased a car from you in the past and were happy.  A relaxed, friendly approach... and you are reliable!"   Michael Hebert  Concord, NH

"This is the 5th vehicle my family has bought from you.  I have confidence in your integrity and enjoy your friendly, personable approach."   Reinhard

"The Phillips are an honest, hard working family and we truly appreciate their wonderful qualities.  Without a doubt, we will return in the future!"   Noreen Fifield  Warner, NH 

"A great family-run business!"   Ben Rist  Pittsfield, NH

"I really appreciate the 'no pressure' sales and the way you stand behind what you sell."   Kerry Wheeler  Contoocook, NH

"It has always been a pleasure to deal with the Phillips family in my 20+ years of experience with them."   Al Houle  Concord, NH

"This was the best car-buying experience I have ever had!  My expectations were exceeded in every way, including the full tank of gas...Wow!"   Lindsey Kip Santaniello    Danbury, NH

"Phillips Auto Sales has the highest quality vehicles and the most reasonable prices in the area!"   Scott Cole  Raymond, NH

"I was very pleased and surprised that the gas tank was filled!"   Diane Cahill   Newmarket, NH

"My concerns were taken care of and communicated to me in an effective, timely manner."    Lee Elliott    Loudon, NH

"Phillips Auto was my best experience ever purchasing an automobile.  I still can't believe they called me to make sure everything was ok after the sale!"   Costas Papachristos  Weare, NH

"You guys are great and always go the extra mile!" (pun intended)   Michael Annicchiarico  Concord, NH

"Mike and Larry are excellent and I trust them very much.  They have excellent vehicles and very fair pricing.  Keep up the good work!"                   Steve Merrill  Durham, NH

"Phillips Auto Sales has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.  The transaction was easy and honest... it could not have been more pleasant!"   Jane Watt  Concord, NH

 "I have a long-held familiarity with the excellent reputation of Phillips for fair-dealing and customer satisfaction."   Bill Wiley  Contoocook, NH

"... and we were referred by Northwood Garage.  Phillips Auto Sales addressed all of our concerns and treated us with respect."                                 Jane Sorel  Northwood, NH

"They were very easy to deal with... probably the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made!"   Steve Anctil  Rochester, NH

"A pleasant experience and I would recommend Phillips Auto Sales to anyone!"   Maura Carriel  Rollinsford, NH

"... smooth process, attentive, and accommodating to move along the financing process.  Thank you!"   Melanie Deschenes  Keene, NH

"Thanks for making my daughter's first car-buying event a pleasure and good experience for her.  Thanks!"   Robert Fougere  Warner, NH

"No pressure and a very relaxed atmosphere."   Chris MacStravic  Alton, NH

 "They made sure the vehicle was acceptable to us and were willing to fix some minor things that we requested."                                                      Irene and Phil Sorant  Center Barnstead, NH

"... they had a great deal on the vehicle, offered us a great trade value, and treated us with respect."   Brandt Kingsbury  New Hampton, NH

"A family business with longevity, no pressure assistance, and a clean facility impressed me."   Christina Gill  Freedom, NH

"Mike took the time to talk to me and really understand my needs with my car purchase.  I also had heard great things about Phillips Auto Sales for many years!"   Angela Crosby  Concord, NH

"... and we were treated like friends, with no games or dickering to and fro.  It was the most relaxed, stress-free car purchase in my life!"                  Allen Gaskin  Barnstead, NH

"We went to Phillips Auto Sales because we trust the family.  The BMW we purchased from them years ago has been the most reliable car we have ever owned!  We would recommend Phillips Auto Sales to anyone and we will only buy our vehicles from them from now on!                                           Chris and Cheryl Simmers  Concord, NH

"...pleasant, honest, fair, and reasonable.  Pride in ownership and ethical business practices were very clear from our first visit.  We actually enjoyed our experience!"   Melanie Davis  Derry, NH

"The deal was not a long drawn-out affair and was one which was satisfactory to both of us."   Ron Michaud  Chichester, NH 

"Larry and Mike went out of their way to make this the easiest transaction ever.  It was totally painless!"   Valerie and Brian Ford  Concord, NH

"For the first time in my life I was at ease with the purchase of my truck!"   David Kwiatkowski  Londonderry, NH

"Friendly, warm, caring, knowledgeable, sincere, and honest.  Phillips is in large, brilliant gold letters on their roadside sign, and rightfully so, as they set the "gold standard" for pre-owned vehicle dealerships."   Jim Welsh  Strafford, NH

"Friendly, courteous, and honest- as always, with only the best used vehicle in the state of NH!   Laurie Minichiello  Sanbornton, NH

"... and willing to perform warranty work without any hassles.  We would certainly buy from Phillips again without hesitation."                                  Gale Marston   Hooksett, NH

".. friendly and not being pushy was very refreshing. We came in just prior to closing time and were still welcomed and allowed to test drive vehicles."   Julie Elwood  Weare, NH

"This is the only car dealer I have found to be honest and stand behind their word."   Madyln Smith  Center Barnstead, NH

"... referred by Denis Guy of Ultimate Auto Repair."  You were more than helpful and supportive even after the purchase of the truck that I bought."   Richard Banks  Chichester, NH

"...straightforward, no games or gimmicks, and honest communication."   Dean Cascadden  Bristol, NH

"Never high pressure, but always available to answer my questions."   Jack Chwasciack   Webster, NH

"... helpful, low key, and a pleasant sales manner.  We are long time satisfied customers, and are perfectly satisfied, or we would not keep coming back!"   Alexander Saltmarsh  Bow, NH 

"Phillips Auto Sales has a reputation of being a trustworthy, reliable, and friendly business."   Donna Chagnon  Chichester, NH

"I have bought three cars from Phillips and my husband has purchased many more.  The whole process is easy and convenient."                             Mindy Carlisle  Webster, NH

"The offer for our trade was generous and they went out of their way to get the vehicle we were buying ready for us."                                            Melvin and Linda Burrowes  Canterbury, NH 

"They actively listened to our needs and accomodated us.  Great service!"   Todd and Marlene Hammond   Chichester, NH

"... referred by Dan Weed Family Auto.  There was absolutely no pressure and you were good listeners to our wish list of features."                       Dwayne Biehl   Bow, NH  

"... low pressure, friendly, and professional. Keep doing what you have been!"   Leslie and Chad Duford Concord, NH

"The process was easy and efficient and our calls after the sale were answered promptly. The whole experience was top notch!"                               John and Cathy Wimsatt Northwood, NH

"Phillips Auto Sales has a great reputation built upon integrity and is always willing to go the extra mile for their customer."                                    John Ellsworth Boscawen, NH